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остановить войну!Слава Украине! (Stop the war! Glory to Ukraine!)


Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

This shelter dog in Illinois has been waiting six years to be adopted



See Sow Hope's inspiring videos

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

All this dog wants at the soccer match is a belly rub!

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Pets of the Week

Until there are none, adopt one.

     Meet Blu, this gentle giant Newfoundland is looking for his forever home. Blu came to the shelter for not being fond of the excitable preschooler in the home, so dog-savvy children 12 years old and over are recommended. Blu needs lots of extra space to roam, and should have a person familiar with the breed and understands that large breed dogs can be a big financial responsibility. To adopt Blu, please visit Bangor Humane Society.

  Meet Calypso, a gorgeous, fluffy girl with a strong personality. She is very sweet, loyal, and loving, though she doesn't have much patience for those who can't read her social cues. Calypso wants to be her person's one and only kitty -- she may be spayed, but that won't stop her from being a queen! To learn more about adopting Calypso, please contact HART Adoption Center & Shelter for Cats.



Website of the Week...

     Afghanistan may be war-torn and desolate, but it also has beautiful pets waiting for homes. Our Website of the Week is Nowzad dogs, which features dogs and cats from Afghanistan's only animal shelter. The animals inside this shelter are extremely cute and amazingly beautiful.

According to the website, "When we first found out last year that we needed to find a new home for the Nowzad animal shelter due to circumstances beyond our control, it was a rather stressful and worrying time for the charity. But with thanks to the kindness and generosity of our fantastic supporters our fears were soon alleviated." The Nowzad Conrad Lewis Clinic for small animals is funded solely by generous donations. Two Afghan national veterinarians have been expertly trained by the generous support of Dr. Mohammad of Mayhew International, London, and Dr. Susan Chadima of Maine, who have both given up so much of their time to teach, oversee and support the Afghan vets to learn new valuable skills that have now seen the clinic carry out extremely necessary amputations on street dogs injured in road accidents, dentistry on cats with severe teeth problems, a tumor removal from a much-loved soldier's adopted dog, as well as the constant need for neutering and spaying of the stray population. See more at Nowzad's medical clinic page.

"With the shelter lease secured, we now have been told that our lease on the clinic, cattery and secure staff accommodation is not going to be renewed, and that the clinic has just two months to move," the website stated. "Having secure accommodation is vital in what is technically; still a country at war with daily threats aimed at western aid agencies."  

"This time we have decided to improve upon what we currently have and build a legacy for animal welfare in Afghanistan that will last long after the proposed troops pull out in 2014," the website added.

The shelter is hoping to collect about $125,000 in donations to secure a site for improved clinic facilities and serve as an educational base for Afghan national trainee vets. Along with reducing the threat of rabies, more staff would be trained to promote the benefits of animal welfare.

Take a look and fall in love with the Nowzad dogs of Afghanistan and donate if you can.

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Quote of the Day

"I'm excited to hopefully bring her back, get her healthy and let her live the rest of her life." -- Michelle, owner of Zoey, reunited after being missing for 12 years

Sick and evil! Cats shot with blow darts, mutilated on U.S. Army base!

Rare albino catfish caught, released by 15-year-old Tennessee boy!

Photo of the Day

After months on the lam, Chicago area's wayward bison safely captured!

Another woman gored by bison at Yellowstone!

Video of the Day

Rare albino otter found in Iraq!

Asian carp gets PC name in Illinois!

Woman finds new life in quest to break national birding record

Galapagos tortoise species thought to be long extinct is discovered!

At least 2,000 cows in Kansas died in recent extreme heat!

Video of the Day

Stray dog saved after entering gorilla enclosure!

47 cats rescued from car at rest stop during extreme heat!

Secret polar bear population found in 'impossible' location!

Bear killed after clawing woman, child in tent!

Hero dog who saved owner from mountain lion suddenly dies!

Bison gores, throws woman at Yellowstone!

Video of the Day

Orphaned, starving mountain lion cub rescued, recovering!

New frog family discovered by biologist in Guyana!

Sloth bear kills couple in India!

Bird feeders OK'd for use in Illinois, but don't feed the geese!

Four rabid bats found in Illinois!

Rare antelope in Kazakhstan now numbers more than one million!

Photo of the Day

A perfect gift for the animal lover!

Trainer flies to Ukraine to rescue 35 military dogs!

Wrongly accused bird watcher gets his own TV show!

Cats know the names of other cats that are friends, say researchers!

Fox gets into Washington, D.C., zoo, kills 25 flamingos, 1 duck

Photo of the Day

First red wolf pups born in wild in four years!

16-year-old reels in rare record fish, then lets it 'swim away'!

Flamingo missing from zoo for 17 years sighted living in wild in Texas!

Whale of a tuna caught off Florida coast, 832 pounds!

First human case of bird flu reported in U.S.

Fossils of giant marine reptiles found high in the Swiss Alps!

One-fifth of all reptiles face extinction

Bird flu hits Illinois: People urged to remove bird feeders

PETA seeks more charges against truck driver in crash that killed six cows

Ukrainian canine hero: Terrier bomb-sniffing expert

Photo of the Day

Javelina takes Subaru for a joy ride!

Man's inhumanity: Nursing dolphin found dead on beach after being stabbed in the head!

Video of the Day

Baby dolphin freed from fishing net by police!

Rabid fox bites 8 on Capitol Hill!

Mississippi man catches state record catfish of 131 pounds!

Photo of the Day

A happy Ukrainian child is reunited with his pet cat in Poland!

Invasive jumping worm from China invades 15 Midwest states

Wind turbine company pleads guilty to killing at least 150 eagles

Scientists testing wildlife for CoViD, wary of mutant strains that could spread back to humans

New bird flu spreading to American birds and may be here to stay!

Bird flu found in turkey farm in southern Wisconsin

$112-million-year-old dinosaur tracks destroyed by construction workers!

Dog mauling deaths spark debate on killing strays in North Africa

Bison roaming Chicago suburb, again!

Florida man dies after striking alligator with his car!

Pure evil: Russians target, kill woman after she brings dog food to animal shelter!

Growing gator population prompts Mississippi to set up hunts

Dog dumped for being 'gay' adopted by same-sex couple!

Uncaring bastards: Two Ukrainian animal shelters bombed by Russians!

Extremely rare wolverine caught, given GPS collar in Utah!

Photo of the Day

Staffers and their families living at Kyiv Zoo

Swan song: Man builds raft to save eggs after watching them fail for 10 years!

USDA issues warning about bird flu

Man nabbed trying to take 52 reptiles across border in his clothes!

Photo of the Day

Dallas Zoo selling its poo!

Ukrainian animal shelters fight for survival after Russian onslaught

Photo of the Day

Oldest living koala turns 25!

Japan ignores savagery: Dozens of dolphins slaughtered in annual hunt!

Hank the tank: California officials look to capture black bear that has broken into 30 homes!

Bird flu found at 4th Indiana turkey farm

Starving manatees fed 25 tons of lettuce!

Koalas seen as in danger of extinction

Fortunate events bring tremendous comeback of monarch butterflies!

Willow now White House's first cat!

Photo of the Day

Tsunami tragedy: Animal advocate dies trying to save her dogs

America's idiots: Stupid rumors spark fear of National Butterfly Center attack

K-9 stabbing suspect charged with murder of his father

All 100 monkeys in truck crash en route to lab accounted for, 3 euthanized!

Texas bans chaining of dogs!

First successful pig to human heart transplant performed!

Canadian health officials close restaurant that accepted dog photos instead of vaccine proof!

Photo of the Day

Deep sea footballfish washes up on San Diego beach!

Loose tiger attacks three zookeepers, one has hand bitten off!

Video of the Day

Sloth gives surprise response after rescue on road!

With conservation efforts, Indian tribal community brings back oysters to Washington state

Betty White's legacy as an animal advocate

Last of Michael Vick's 48 abused dogs dies

No justice: Woman who poisoned neighbor's dog with antifreeze-laced meat not give jail sentence

Vaccine kills AIDS virus in monkeys, could be ready for humans in five years!

Animal rights activist convicted of larceny in rescuing baby goat from death, given probation

Way too weird: Woman on flight seen breastfeeding her cat!

Photo of the Day

Pig on the run! See these hilarious photos!

Rare North Atlantic right whales given extra protections near New York City!

Monarch migration reaches highest number in years!

France to end cat, dog sales in pet shops in 2024!

Video of the Day

Bear makes meal out of pumpkin in Gatlinburg!

Ireland pays off farmers to end mink trade!

Video of the Day

Biden pardons Indiana turkeys Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Help save the critically endangered pangolins

Grizzly mauls bicyclist, fends off attack by kicking bear!

Rare white dolphin, named Casper, seen in Monterey Bay just in time for Halloween!

Photo of the Day

Amazing photos show rainbows in hummingbird's wings!

Police dog returns home after being shot in head by murder suspect!

Cincinnati zoo grants wish by naming sloth habitat after family's late infant

Five cheetah cubs born at Smithsonian zoo!

Video of the Day

Slider real bat dog for minor league team!

Illinois man dies after refusing treatment for rabid bat bite!

Bat-friendly bridge designed to protect endangered species

Photo of the Day

Bird's eye view as bear 'bales' out!

3 dogs taken in doggie day care van theft found unharmed!

Make-A-Wish grants visually impaired student a service dog

Oldest polar bear in U.S. dies at 36

Dog taken in stolen car 8 months ago found unharmed!

YOU can help save vaquitas: Only 10 'smiling porpoises' left

U.S.: No dogs left behind in Afghanistan

Photo of the Day

Rare albino gators hatched in Florida zoo!

Feds confirm deer have CoViD-19 in Ohio

In Illinois, 2 animal abuse convictions means no more pets!

Fur-real? Baby T-rexes were covered in peach fuzz and were the size of small turkeys! Here is what they looked like!

Photo of the Day

Whale sneaks up behind his watchers!

Highly venomous cobra loose in Texas!

Video of the Day

Snow give Tasmanian devil a wakeup call!

Really bizarre: Scientists mail viable mouse sperm on postcard!

Photo of the Day

Photographer unaware of surprise behind him!

Warming rivers might wipe out endangered salmon

Video of the Day

Elephants marching through China take a break!

200 people may have been exposed to rabid bat in Nebraska!

Incredible! Cat survives Florida condo collapse!

Asian carp undergoing name change, but what is the real reason?

Too goofy! Florida moron nabbed trying to throw gator on a roof!

Aloha! 120 baby squid from Hawaii returning from space!

Video of the Day

Favorite Asheville, N.C., bear shows off her cubs!

13-year-old first dog Champ dies

Drone crash causes thousands of terns to abandon their nests!

Oldest male chimp in U.S. dies at 63

Video of the Day

12 critically endangered red wolf pups get a checkup!

Elephant walk: Scientists baffled at why 15 pachyderms marching through China

Photo of the Day

Orioles return to northern Illinois!

Tragedy in North Carolina: 10-month-old killed by two pet rottweilers

Heart ailment forces Louisville Zoo to euthanize beloved 50-year-old gorilla

Galapagos tortoise found alive from species thought to be extinct 100 years ago!

12 newborn red wolves become largest living pack!

Potato heads: Idaho prepares to wipe out 90 percent of its wolves

Partnership protecting endangered California rabbit from fatal virus

Video of the Day

Cuteness alert: Otters on ice!

Tiger wandering near Houston caught, going to animal sanctuary

Bizarre: Monstrous-looking fish normally thousands of feet deep in the ocean washes ashore on California coast!

Wolf packs don't have alpha males and alpha females, idea based on misunderstanding

More bizarre: "Extinct fossil fish' dating back 420 million years found in Madagascar!

120-year-old Galapagos turtle dies in high-risk surgery

Trampled under foot: Poacher killed in elephant stampede!

Behe-moth! Insect the size of a large rat found at Aussie construction site!

Photo of the Day

See Australia's cutest animals, like this wombat!

Gorilla among 200 endangered species threatened by conflict, say conservationists

Critically endangered black rhino calf makes public debut at Aussie zoo

Fermilab welcomes first baby bison of the year

Video of the Day

Lemurs make a meal out of flowers!

Another bobcat spotted in Will County, Illinois

Jane Goodall warns of putting economic growth ahead of environmental protections

Injured K-9 hero in England euthanized after chasing burglars

Nine-year-old elephant dies of virus in Ohio zoo

Conservationist Jack Hanna has Alzheimer's, family says

Great news! Critically endangered gorilla born in Florida zoo!

Video of the Day

This cat is obsessed with one movie!

Giant asshole Gianforte: Waste of space Montana governor traps, skins wolf near Yellowstone!

Photo of the Day

Rare yellow penguin baffles scientists!

Incredible! Giant condor soars for 100 miles without flapping its wings!

Video of the Day

Penguins make visit to see the bears!

After nearly dying, rare sea turtles released in Gulf!

Photo of the Day

After tragic bushfires, platypuses make tremendous recovery

Some generous apes may help explain evolution of human kindness!

True hero: Pregnant dog runs into Russian hospice to raise the alarm and save four people from raging fire!

Some generous apes may help explain evolution of human kindness!

Woman rescued cat in college and never expected her future daughters would love him so much!

Sign of spring: First grizzly bear sighted at Yellowstone!

Endangered great apes receive Covid vaccines at San Diego Zoo!

It's a girl! Baby elephant born at Houston Zoo

Winged eagle shark soared through oceans 93 million years ago!

Endangered Amur tiger dies in Colorado zoo during artificial insemination

Lack of protection for hellbenders spurs suit against U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Yellow cardinal sighted in southwest Illinois!

Thanks to a stupid judge's decision, more than 200 wolves slaughtered in Wisconsin, nearly half females!

Photographer captures rare black panther under the stars!

Heartbroken cat has spent 1 year crying at grave of his owner

Stray cat knocks on women's door asking to be let in from the cold

Photo of the Day

Tiny elephant shrew spotted for first time in 50 years!

Rare black rhino born at zoo -- the last of its kind after her dad died last year

Bird believed extinct for 170 years spotted in Borneo! See the photo!

A cephalopod has passed a cognitive test designed for children!

To fight climate change, some scientists say save the whales!

The plan to farm fish -- on the moon!

Five Illinois counties about to be invaded by noisy 17-year cicadas!

Death by human ignorance: Rare right whale dead from being entangled by fishing gear

Lady Gaga's dog walker shot, her two French bulldogs taken, $500,000 reward offered

Freshwater fish are in 'catastrophic' decline, with one-third facing extinction, study says

Releases begin of more than 9000 cold-stunned turtles rescued in Texas!

Instead of shooting lynx that killed his chickens, farmer grabs cat by scruff of neck and scolds it! See the video!

Humpback whale often seen in Gulf of Maine found dead along Maryland coast

Ten conservation success stories of animals that are recovering from the brink of extinction

Dolphins have similar personality traits as humans, study says!

New species of rare Bryde's whale discovered

Photo of the Day

Meet the world's smallest reptile!

You decide! Is the Japanese flying squirrel the cutest animal in the world? Check out these photos!

Heartwarming! Woman adopts 21-year-old cat to give him best remaining days

Bobcat with paw frozen on railroad tracks rescued 30 minutes before train sped by! See the pictures, video!

Asshole judge in Wisconsin lets hunters kill 200 wolves!

15-year-old red wolf dies at North Carolina zoo

New baby killer whale in West Coast orca pod!

Endangered black-footed ferret cloned by scientists!

Mammoth discovery! DNA recovered from million-year-old wooly beast!

Home alone? Texas Sen. Ted Cruz left his pet poodle Snowflake by itself while family was in Cancun!

Wow! Alaska woman using outhouse attacked by bear, from below!

Chicago woman searches for German shepherd that escaped vet's office

Antarctic researchers discover mysterious creatures deep beneath ice shelf!

Actual blue-colored dogs found near abandoned chemical plant in Russia!

Rare right whale calf killed by boat in Florida

1,700 endangered cormorant chicks rescued from South Africa island

45 dogs rescued from dilapidated farm in Wales

Snow leopard in New Jersey zoo battling cancer euthanized

Photo of the Day

Orphaned fawns survive thanks to gentle shepherd!

Detroit Zoo tragedy: Male polar bear kills female mate during breeding

Young boy offered any animal in a shelter picks 10-year-old extra large ginger cat!

Sweet rescue dog comes up with adorable trick to get noticed

Lonely dog leads rescuers to a sign posted on an apartment door!

Barking dog leads rescuers to trapped sibling!

Will Cambodia's ecotourism save its wildlife?

Elon Musk's neuralink chip lets monkey play video games with its mind!

4-year-old girl finds 220-million-year old dinosaur footprint on beach!

Photo of the Day

New whale species found in Gulf of Mexico!

Sad news: Freddy's dead, was world's tallest dog at 7 feet, 5 inches

Was there a ceasefire in World War I to hunt wolves?

Zoo will name cockroach after you ex and feed it to an animal on Valentine's Day!

Surfin' sea lions ride the big waves!

Awww! First baby tyrannosaur fossils discovered in Montana and Alberta!

First snowy owl sighted in Central Park since 1890!

Photo of the Day

Beloved hippo celebrates 4th birthday!

World's first living machine comes from frog DNA, Artificial Intelligence

Salamander DNA could regenerate human body parts!

Titanasaur: Fossils could belong to world's largest ever creature!

Photo of the Day

Platypus bizarre mix of mammal, bird, reptile genes!

Already 17 years? Time for the cicadas to return!

Rare fairy armdadillo return in Bolivia 'a dream come true'!

Getting her ducks in a row: How Betty White celebrated her 99th birthday!

Blind cat transforms into 'friendliest pet' after hard life outdoors!

Archaeologists find world's oldest animal cave painting!

Aussie family gets Christmas surprise!

Kangaroos communicate with humans like dogs in experiments!

Two gorillas catch coronavirus at San Diego Zoo!

Spiders use electric field to fly hundreds of miles!

Bastard etches Trump's name on a manatee

'Major indoguration:' Biden's shelter dog gets special honor!

Era of horse-drawn carriages ends quietly in Chicago

Photo of the Day

Wolf, bear share unusual friendship!

Outrage in Portugal: 16 Spanish hunter wipe out 500 animals!

20,000-year-old wooly rhino found by scientists in Russia!

Photo of the Day

Photo shows incredible sight of sleeping whale!

Wow! Angry octopuses actually punch fish, says scientists!

Show Me State idiocy: Missouri ready to wipe out its black bears with hunt!

K-9 killed after drunken limo driver slams into police SUV

Driver avoids squirrel but goes into ditch and hits electric pole!

Nearly intact 57,000-year-old wolf pup found in Yukon permafrost!

Nightmare over: Last two animals moved from rundown Pakistani zoo

Unreal! Snake-infested sea foam covers eastern Australia coast!

Man's inhumanity: Chinese ski resort workers accused of beating old sled dogs, selling them to restaurants!

Animal welfare group saves 24 dogs, cats from Vietnam slaughterhouse!

More than 100 stranded whales rescued in Sri Lanka by navy, villagers!

Wow! 20,000-year-old armadillo shells found, and they are the size of Volkswagen Beetles!

Giant panda cub born in Japan!

Singer-actor Cher seeks new home for lonely gorilla who lives in Thailand department store!

Sign of the times? Vultures wreaking havoc in Pennsylvania!

Rats rampage New York Chipotle, eating avocados, attacking staff!

You've never been thisclose to a wild bull elephant!

Biden fractures foot while playing with his dog!

Colorado votes to reintroduce wolves for the first time since the 1940s

Photo of the Day

'First Dogs' are rescue pets!

Bizarre warning in Canada: Don't let moose lick your car!

Scents of direction: Dogs poop aligned with Earth's magnetic field!

Researchers create first global map to save the world's bees!

Scottish deerhound wins National Dog Show!

Utah officials thrilled to see animals using wildlife overpass!

Man killed by shark in Australia, 8th fatal attack there this year!

5-year-old boy explains how he saw lemur taken from zoo!

Photo of the Day

Monarch in Mexico tracked from Iowa!

Horrifying! Denmark to kill all 17 million of its minks because of a coronavirus concern!

Photo of the Day

1st Asian hornet nest in U.S. destroyed!

Flying squirrel trafficking ring busted in Florida!

11-year-old directing dolphin show at aquarium!

Bear attacks injure 3 -- in Japan!

Photo of the Day

Cat at home with three canine buddies!

Two peregrine falcons found poisoned to death in England

Hilarious! Goat makes meal out of deputy's paperwork!

Largest wildlife bridge in the world planned in California!

Got the point? Two cops fired, charged for killing 11 porcupines with their batons!

Baby shark: 24-million-year-old nursery for megasharks found in South Carolina!

Orca-mania! Nearly three dozen boat attack by killer whales reported on Spain coast!

Hogs gone wild! 8 million feral pigs in the U.S. and counting!

Zookeeper seriously injured after being attacked by gorilla in Madrid!

Too blue: Five African gray parrots removed from zoo after swearing at visitors!

Photo of the Day

Rescued dog with terminal cancer given bucket list by foster!

Save bears, dogs and cats by supporting Animals Asia!

20 neglected dogs found in Chicago area home!

Donate today to protect chimpanzees!

Mystery in New Mexico: What could be killing hundreds of thousands of birds?


Here is an excellent S.T.A.R.T., the S.T.A.R.T. Rescue has transported nearly 5,000 animals!

Facebook directory of animal shelters and rescue groups in all 50 states!

Have a H.A.R.T.: Adoptable canines from the Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Illinois

Elk wounded by arrow gores bowhunter to death!

Thought to be extinct, New Guinea's singing dogs found alive in the wild!

Watch Spitfire take to the air!

SEA OF BLOOD: 250 whales, 35 dolphins slaughtered on beach in Faroe Islands in savage tradition

Painting one wind turbine blade black reduces bird fatalities by 72 percent!

Cuteness alert! Kitties purr-fect students!

Stagnant water may have killed hundreds of elephants in Botswana!

Photo of the Day

This year, it's not the dog days of summer!

750 million genetically modified mosquitoes being released in Florida Keys!

Bald eagle takes on drone over Lake Michigan: Guess who wins?

Man's inhumanity: Chained dog dies in Houston after being left outside in extreme heat with no water, shade

Piping plover family summered on Chicago beach 'like they owned the place'!

Not enough to worry about? How about lanternflies?

Unreal! Woman files complaint about 'untrained' grizzly bears at Yellowstone!

Cats keeping their owners happy during pandemic!

260 Chinese fishing boats near Galapagos Islands; Ecuador on alert!

Bizarre discovery: Cicadas become 'zombies' after getting STD from fungus!

Photo of the Day

Cows won't 'bristle' over this farm addition!

Accused killer of silverback gorilla in Uganda jailed

Grief-stricken orca that carried dead daughter for 14 days is pregnant again!

Blue tit saved in England could become a friend for life!

Photo of the Day

Will farming pangolins, tigers backfire?

Most polar bears may be gone in 80 years, study says

Photo of the Day

White deer in Indiana fascinates residents!

Great news! World's first antiviral protein saves cats from feline leukemia!

Moose cools off with drink from sprinkler!

Man's inhumanity: Someone is poisoning cats in east central Illinois

Crows are able to hold a grudge and remember a face if you're mean to them!

Beagle missing for six years finally reunited with family!

Koalas, other marsupials struggling to recover from Australia's bushfires

Lizards with more than one tail more common than originally thought!

Dead bats test positive for rabies in northwest Illinois!

Bird brain! Parrot beats 21 Harvard students in memory game!

Squirrel tests positive for bubonic plague in Colorado!

Hog wild! Damaged human lungs can be repaired by attaching them to pigs, experiments show!

Sick! 19-year-old Indiana woman arrested for torturing, killing animals and putting the savagery on the Internet!

Wayward beluga whale sighted off San Diego coast mystifies scientists

Photo of the Day

Yes, there are benefits to watching cat videos!

World's rarest gorillas spotted with babies in Nigeria!

European hamster placed on 'critically endangered' list

Wandering black bear caught in St. Louis suburb, being relocated!

Man catches 112-pound catfish in the Mississippi River!

Wild horses of Outer Banks, North Carolina, getting DNA tests to determine family relationships

Boaters try to get jar stuck on struggling bear!

World's oldest cat, Rubble, dies at 31!

Mali extending elephant reserve to protect remaining Sahelian pachyderms!

Trump's destructive impact on animals

Photo of the Day

Golden oldie! Augie turns 20!

Chicago area tragedy: Pit bull attacks, kills 1-year-old girl!

72-year-old woman gored several times by bison at Yellowstone!

Why? More than 350 elephants found dead in Botswana!

Here we go again? Flu virus carried by pigs, and with 'pandemic potential,' found in China!

Will this bobcat make it across the lake?

38 puppies, mostly French bulldogs, found dead on cargo plane!

Illinoisans asked to leave wandering black bear alone!

Photo of the Day

Ash first koala born after bushfires!

Alligator gar reintroduced into Illinois waters!

Environmental groups worry about release of EPA-approved, genetically modified mosquitoes!

13-foot long giant squid washes on shore in South Africa!

Why? Trump rewrite of bird protections to mean more deaths, endangered species!

Taking another slap at Obama, Trump reopens commercial fishing in fragile marine ecosystem!

Rescuers save baby lion that had legs broken so it couldn't escape tourists taking selfies with it!

Tick-borne disease with symptoms similar to CoViD-19 on rise in New York!

With ALEC's instigation, Iowa tries a third time to ram through an ag-gag bill!

Visually impaired senior dog deserves a chance!

Bastards! Beloved silverback gorilla killed by poachers in Uganda

Diego, the magnificent hero of the Galapagos, has finally returned home!

Puppies rescued from dog meat festival

Trump OKs killing hibernating bears, cubs in Alaska!

The charmed life and tragic death of a female snake handler

Senior dog's journey should not end alone, scared at crowded shelter

Donald Jr's hunt for rare sheep in Mongolia cost U.S. taxpayers $75,000!

USDA's 'grass-fed' beef label may not be what it seems

Photo of the Day

Contest on to name the peregrine falcon chicks!

Why did the turtle cross the road? For YOU to save it!

Race for coronavirus vaccine runs on horseshoe crab blood!

West Nile back, mosquitoes carrying the disease hitting Southern California!

25 things you might not know about the birds in your backyard

London cop hurt after rioter spooks horse!

Rioters damage anticruelty building in Chicago but all animals safe!

Photo of the Day

With no zoo visitors, penguins go to art museum!

Scrappy the kitten recovering after being found impaled with an arrow!

Intruders remove donkeys from zoo but are returned safely!

Incredible! Worms frozen in Siberian permafrost wriggle back to life!

Beautiful husky stray needs his story shared to save his life from the shelter!

Why do dogs love us? Science explains

Animal sanctuary saves 1,000 hens from Iowa farm!

Until death did they part: Air Force vet, loyal dog die within hours of each other!

For second straight year, three falcons hatch on Rockford news tower!

Photo of the Day

Capybara can befriend every other animal! See the photos!

Pets and CoViD-19: Answers to your questions

Snakes find comfortable spot in a tree in suburban Chicago!

Photo of the Day

12-year-old boy builds dumped disabled puppy Lego wheelchair!

After 20 years underground, cicadas coming back!

Eight facts about the animals of Chernobyl

Egg-static! Plover nest seen on Chicago beach!

Rachael Ray's beloved dog Isaboo dies

53-year-old tortoise needs a home after owner dies of CoViD-19!

Humpback whales make tremendous comeback, from 450 in the 1950s to 25,000 now!

Until every pet has a home, Empty the Shelters!

A turtle's eye view of the sea!

Egg-cellent! Woman uses Facebook to save 80,000 hens!

For Meghan, Prince Harry will stop hunting!

Photo of the Day

Can a llama be the answer to stopping CoViD-19?

10,000 pigs killed every day in Minnesota, and not for meat

White-tailed eagles return to English skies for the first time in 240 years!

Hero cat alerts owner about burning slow cooker in the middle of the night!

Photo of the Day

Tired of using hornet killer, woman crochets nest that keeps away pests!

With people staying at home, interest in birdwatching skyrockets!

In this lockdown, here's how to get birds in your back yard!

Dogs being trained to detect COVID-19 on humans!

Coronavirus shuts down dog tracks, 1,500 greyhounds need homes!

And now here come the Asian giant hornets, known to wipe out honeybees in their hives!

Horror on the farm: Pigs being slaughtered, dumped because of backlog in meat processing plants

Dog recovering from coronavirus caught from his North Carolina family!

Nest of garter snakes staying at home!

Minnesota massacre: 60,000 hens gassed to death because of lower egg demand!

'Extinct' clouded leopard spotted for the first in 37 years in Taiwan!

Photo of the Day

Stunningly beautiful dog abandoned after her owners fail to pick her up!

With no tourists because of quarantine, 70,000 endangered turtles lay eggs on empty beach in India!

A new virus! But this one is killing rabbits!

Town in Wales emptied by coronavirus scare gets its goats, and plenty of them!

Great news! Shelter in place clears all dogs from Chicago city shelter!

Take this coronavirus advice from Arnold, Lulu & Whiskey!

Australian animals that survived bushfires went underground!

Unreal! Chinese using bile from bears as an unproven coronavirus antidote!

Photo of the Day

Man with coronavirus uses drone to walk his dog!

No bull! Matadors looking for $700 million from Spanish government to keep 'sport' alive during coronavirus shutdown!

How dogs went from wolves to man's best friend

Photo of the Day

New York pizzeria puts photos of shelter dogs on its pizza boxes!

Why? Bastards kill white giraffe and its baby in Kenya!

Incredible! Dolphins, swans seen in Venice canal after city in lockdown

Have a minute? Watch this amazing border collie!

No, dogs can't catch coronavirus, so don't dump them in shelters!

10 million-year-old shark tooth found in Australia!

To stop spread of coronavirus, city in China bans eating dogs, cats!

Finally! Dog passed over at shelter for five years is adopted!

Coronavirus sparks wildlife consumption ban in China!

Pesticides damage brains of baby bees, research finds!

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Oh my! Lion, tiger, bear have been best buddies!

Bloodthirsty: Donald Jr. gets permit to kill grizzly in Alaska!

Air Force looking for furever homes for their military canines

Photo of the Day

Rainbow snake sighting first in Florida forest in 51 years!

Keep your hummingbird feeder clean or it could be fatal for the birds!

Frozen bird in Siberia 46,000 years old!

German shepherd treads water for 11 hours to save owner!

Hero pit bull protects lost child until he is found by police!

Weird, eyeless creature with dolphin head and tadpole tail found washed ashore in Mexico!

Photo of the Day

Kittens at home in Canada bookstore, and they can be adopted!


Sad news: Eaglet dies after ingesting toxic amount of rat poison

Salmon caught in Seattle found laced with cocaine, antidepressant drugs!

No joke! 3-year-old finds pink grasshopper in Texas!

Bloodthirsty bastard: Donald Trump Jr. gets special perk to kill grizzly in Alaska!

Man's inhumanity: Michigan police search for couple who tossed six chihuahuas out of a van, just 1 survived

Mama skunk helps her babies over a high curb!

Naperville, Illinois votes to ban sale of dogs, cats at pet stores!

Record number of manatees killed by boats in 2019

Super Chief! World champion pays for all dog adoptions at Kansas City animal shelter!

Savages! Two Monarch butterfly conservationists found murdered in Mexico

To help save bumblebees, plant these flowers in your spring garden

Rancher gets year in prison for pleading guilty to killing six bald eagles

Photo of the Day

Group of ocelots seen on U.S.-Mexico border!

Donald Trump Jr. sets up 'dream hunt' for trophies in Alaska with bidding starting at $10,000

Dog owner buys $6 million in Super Bowl ads to thank vet for saving pet's life!

Pacific Ocean is so acidic that it's disssolving the shells of Dungeness crabs!

Unreal! Iowa senator who pushes 'ag gag' law has exposed animal abuse on his own hog farm!

Animals given away for free being tortured and used for bait!

From millions of monarch butterflies to just 29,000 in California

Rescued owl to fat to fly after bingeing on mice!

Goat mayor in Vermont faces challenge from police K-9!

3 horses die at Santa Anita track in 3 days! 37 in 2019!

Photo of the Day

Photos of emaciated lions in Sudan zoo spark worldwide protest!

He who crows last: Man killed by rooster as he was taking it to a cock fight!

Every action has a reaction: K-9 bites cow, deputy tasers K-9, cow kicks deputy!

Wild animals banned in circuses in England!

Tastes like chicken: Iguana touted as newest delicacy

Guinea fowl prevent Lyme disease by eating up to 4,000 ticks a day

53 Mexican police detained in butterfly activist's disappearance

Yuck! Bedbugs intentionally placed in Pennsylvania Walmart!

Bees love cannabis plants and it could help restore their populations!

Cold-stunned iguanas forecast to fall from trees in Florida!

Photo of the Day

How would you like to find this guy in your kitchen?!

Horror on the Outback: 5,000 camels killed in drought-stricken Australia

Coyote that bit boy in Chicago won't be euthanized!

Steve Dale: Naperville, Illinois should ban the sale of dogs, cats at pet stores

New law in New York would give tax credits to people who rescue dogs!

Bloodthirsty savages! 850 coyotes, foxes slaughtered in 2-day, multi-state killing spree!

Coyote rescued from Lake Michigan in Chicago!

Losing a pet is more painful than many people realize

Switzerland bans egg industry from grinding live male chicks!

German lab where monkeys were strapped into metal harnesses and tested has been shut down!

Michigan wildlife killing contests unacceptable

Second lion dies in last 12 days at Chicago area zoo

This is quick! A deer sneezes and it rocks the riverbank!

Study says that cats bond with caregivers just as much as dogs and babies!

Illinois bans animal-tested cosmetic products!

One coyote caught, another sought in attacks on Chicago's North Side!

Someone in Kentucky is shooting horses -- $20,000 reward for information on killer

Did this tortoise really live 30 years abandoned in a storage room? You decide!

Wow! 250,000 animals being saved each year from vegan fast food burgers!

Eat. Drink. Adopt at Portland, Oregon taproom!

More horror in Australia: 10,000 camels to be shot because they drink too much water!

UPS drivers have a Facebook group about dogs they meet on their routes!

Shocking! Woman faces charges after hundreds of animal carcasses found at her Illinois 'sanctuary' property

Steve Irwin's family helping save animals hurt in Aussie bushfires!

Car maker Ford creates kennel to protect dogs from fireworks noise!

Warning: Candy canes can kill your dog!

Photo of the Day

No Christmas tree is safe with these pets!

Photo of the Day

What is a dog's secret superpower? It may surprise you!

Turtle returns to lay her eggs and finds her beach has become a runway!

Photo of the Day

Something to crow about! After primates, these birds might be the smartest animals!

Horrible tragedy: Sky lanterns suspected cause of zoo fire that killed more than 30 animals in Germany!

Four prosthetic paws give frostbitten kitty new lease on life!

Why did someone shoot and kill a bald eagle in Indiana?

Veterinarian warns against giving dogs rawhide bones as gifts!

Missouri school-sponsored raccoon hunt sparks national outrage!

Man converts dumped coolers into winter shelters for feral cats!

Can you hear the kitty saying, "Well, hi!"?

Greater good! In New Guinea, a man buys turtles from the food market and sets them free in the ocean!

Beloved cat Lil Bub dies; she was only 8!

Illinois dog trainer arrested after allegedly abusing, starving dogs

Trump Jr. kills endangered sheep in Mongolia!

Photo of the Day

Owner got a cat in 1988, now Rubble is the world's oldest living cat!

Senior dog adopted then abandoned and tied to a railing 48 hours later!

Why? Ohio man says his dogs given away while he was in cancer surgery!

Wisconsin state trooper uses drone to find dog missing after car crash!

Great news! New drug promising for cats with FIP!

Conservationist attacked by her own tigers at wildlife sanctuary

Coast Guard rescues dog stranded off Florida beach

Bloody wastewater pipe still pumping viruses into Canada's largest salmon migration route

Sick down under: Cop who laughed while killing a wombat will not face charges!

All pets adopted at Minnesota 'Clear the Shelter' event!

Outrageous! Lazy, arrogant Tex-ass animal control workers kill family cat without checking for its microchip!

Photo of the Day

Meet Freddy, the 7-foot Great Dane is the tallest dog in the world!

Firefighters, vet help dog after owner dies in car crash

Brain of chickadee expands in autumn

18,000-year-old puppy found frozen in ice could be 'oldest confirmed dog' ever!

Photo of the Day

Reading to animals program has overwhelming positive response!

Trump signs animal cruelty bill, making it a national felony!

A mushroom is saving millions of bees from a deadly virus!

Missing tortoise found 7 days later, 5 miles away at family's old house!

Western Iowa Energy seeds plot for monarch butterfly fueling station!

Heat wave in Australia may have wiped out one-third of its flying foxes

Photo of the Day

Vet has 'comfort dog' that assists sick, scared pets!

School first in the world to use synthetic, manmade frogs for realistic dissections!

Sioux City, Iowa, puts end to 11-year-old pit bull ban

Found: Chicago Fire Department's lost firehouse dog!

Outrageous! 100,000 mongooses killed every year to make paintbrushes from their hair! WARNING: Graphic images

Malnourished, dead horses found on northwest Illinois farm

Last Sumatran rhino in Malaysia dies, only 70 remaining in the world

Shocking! Police say chained, abused dog chewed off paw, owner charged!

Australia faces national tragedy: 1,000 koalas may have died!

Barbaric tests on monkeys lead to calls for closure of German lab

Boy helps a blind deer find food every day before school!

400-year-old shark found in Arctic may be the oldest living vertebrate!

Donkey population being decimated by Chinese medicine demand!

Pregnant woman killed by dogs while walking in forest in France

Tiny deer-like animal, feared extinct, spotted after 25 years!

Great white sharks coming in 'crazy' numbers off Carolina coast!

Clever dog rings doorbell at 2 a.m. to be let in!

Wow! Styrofoam eating larvae win national high school sustainability contest!

Queen Elizabeth says she no longer will wear clothes with fur!

Incredible! Cows swept out to sea by hurricane found alive on island after swimming several miles!

New Zealand scientists discover fossilized human-sized 'monster' penguin!

Bear trapped and killed in Lake Tahoe, California, sparks outrage!

Haze the baby koala was saved by being in her mother's pouch! See the photo!

Too cute! Photographer captures shot of rare baby white reindeer!

Rat poison killing larger animals, worsening rodent problem

62 vets ask for state investigation of bobcat killing in Oregon!

Puppy thrown into Wisconsin retention pond in need of forever home!

Killed in the line of duty: Police dog in Indianapolis suburb shot by suspect he was chasing in the woods

Once, squirrels used to be one of America's most popular pets!

Stray cat kept coming to Boston police station, so they built her a cat condo!

If you talk to your pets, researchers say you're smarter than those who don't!

Savage, cruel revenge: Missouri man stabs dog 11 times, dumps body on woman's doorstep

Woman brings shelter kill rate from 100 percent to zero, Petco awards her $35,000!

More horse racing tragedies: 2 dead, 1 hurt in one day at San Diego track!

40,000-year-old wolf's head preserved by permafrost found in Siberia!

Last dog slaughterhouse in Seoul shut down thanks to relentless activism!

Justice is served! Torturer, killer of dogs sentenced to 28 years in prison!

United Kingdom may finally ban trophy hunting

Deadly virus spreading in marine mammals, and climate change being blamed

Photo of the Day

This level of cruelty cannot even be believed!

Horse racing horror! 2,500 U.S. thoroughbreds ending up on dinner plates around the world!

Leftover pumpkins feeding hungry animals instead of ending in landfills

Too ridiculous! Animal rights activists attack blind man for having guide dog!

Major buzz! Biggest bee in world, presumed extinct, found for first time after 38 years!

Tackle illegal online wildlife trade, cops are urged

Orangutan granted 'personhood,' settles into new Florida home

Huge trove of mammoth skeletons found in Mexico!

Mr. Moose just can't get enough pumpkins!

North Dakota brewery putting shelter dogs on its beer cans!

Actor James Cromwell arrested while protesting animal testing at Texas A & M

Photo of the Day

Hatty soon will comfort Chicago area children

Not joking! Actor Joaquin Phoenix releases new must-see animal rights documentary

Pet owners howling as Fontana, Wisconsin bans dogs from large public events!

Another tragedy: Breeders Cup ends with death of 37th horse at Santa Anita

Worker who rescued kitten from train finds out he was not to go to work the next day!

Paradise? Drunk, violent monkeys attack tourists on beach in Thailand!

Savages! Four lions hacked to death at preserve in South Africa

Freedom of speech? Miss Montana sparks backlash from meat industry for speaking out against factory farms!

Incredible! Firefighters save 20,000 ducklings!

Archaeologists unearth in Croatia fossilized Roman chariot with two horses!

Great news! Monarch butterflies appear to be making a comeback!

Really sad! Dead baby turtle found with 104 pieces plastic in stomach!

Oil spill in Ganges River considered major disaster in river dolphin breeding ground

Photo of the Day

265 bears were killed in New Jersey hunt!

Bastards! South Dakota content with wiping out 30 percent of its mountain lions through hunting!

Another horse dies at Santa Anita, fourth this fall

African elephant dies in New York zoo at 37

Here kitty, kitty: Bobcat cub rescued in Illinois!

Many species of lemurs in danger of extinction!

Horror down under: Thousands of Aussie racehorses being slaughtered!

Rodenticide: Modern day DDT?

Hunter killed when deer he shot recovers, and attacks!

Outrage grows as Zimbabwe sends 20 baby elephants to Chinese zoos!

Hundreds of birds slam into NASCAR Hall of Fame building, killing themselves!

Photo of the Day

Labradoodle inventor now regrets creating 'a monster'!

Hiding their shame: Trump-appointed judge bans feds from releasing names of hunters who kill for trophies!

Park Service wants donkeys gone from Death Valley, but are they really the problem?

Sound of silence: North America has 3 billion fewer birds since 1970!

Two mountain lions found dead from rat poison

Man arrested in death of disabled dog

Woman finds missing dog after 57-day search in Montana

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to watch out for the mating tarantulas!

Manatees, Key deer being pushed to brink of extinction by climate-induced superstorms!

Tragedy: Pregnant whale found dead tangled in fishing net

Animal Almanac

July 5, 2022 

   1903:  The Evening World of New York City praised "a little insect with a nasty sting," the wasp ... "the importation of a peculiar kind of wasp from Smyrna has been responsible for the raising of 6,000,000 pounds of figs in California last year ... in the case of the wasp, if it had not been introduced into California it would have been impossible to raise figs there." The wasp fertilized the flower of the fig.

   1903:  Stephenson, Mich. -- "But for his cat, August Jankowski, an old Menominee county settler, residing at Cedar River, would in all probability perished in the flames which destroyed his house. Jankowski was awakened by midnight by the cat pulling at his bedclothes and scratching him on the hands. On sitting up he discovered the building was on fire and was only able to save a trunk and a gun before the roof fell in. That he got out in time he attributes solely to the efforts of the cat. The origin of the blaze is supposed to have been from a defective chimney. Jankowski had no insurance and his loss is total." -- The Minneapolis Journal

   2013:  Manhattan (N.Y.) Borough President Scott Stringer issued a blistering expose on the failure of New York City's animal shelters during Hurricane Sandy. He charged that the municipal shelters "took in no animals, there was no field operations, no outreach and no presence." Defenders called the charges "outrageous."

     Ann and Roy Bernard of Kankakee, Ill., started the website AnimalNewswire.net on July 1, 2013. The site also now is available as animalnewswire.com. Since its start, the website has worked to stop the killing of rhinoceroses and elephants for the ivory, the slaughtering of whales and provided Livestream coverage of a savage dolphin hunt in Japan. AnimalNewswire also led the charge to stop a bill in Illinois that would have forced nearly all animal shelters in the state to close. See editorial link below.

An AnimalNewswire editorial: We can never again let Illinois legislators get thisclose to closing our animal shelters

Pig in slaughterhouse comforted by animal activist

Should it be a crime to film at factory farms? The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pushing such bills in six states.

Factory farm film

Animal activists see such legislation as a way to hide mistreatment and abuse of animals. The proposals mandate that evidence of animal abuse be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours, or face a financial penalty. This video shows abuse at a factory farm.


The mandatory microchipping of dogs was the hands-down winner of our last poll. 

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On mandatory microchipping: 

"There is no way to enforce this policy with back yard breeders and  Most Pit Bull breeders are backyard breeders."

 "If a vicious attack were to occur in the future, microchips may lead to the culpable dog owner.

  - Lidio 

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